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Tom's Ice Cream Bowl and Goodwill Plan Expansions


Nichole Medaugh


Expansion could be in the future for two area businesses.

Tom's Ice Cream Bowl owner Bill Sullivan said it is his dream to expand his business and his wife's to have a gift shop. Sullivan is now attempting to make those dreams reality. He recently purchased a home next to the Ice Cream Bowl and plans to turn it into a gift shop. The gift shop will sell pottery and other items currently housed at the ice cream shop.

There's also plans for the outside of the proposed store.

"We're going to maybe put a little outdoor dining area in front," said Sullivan. "We have a lot of yard out there, so we're going to put maybe some picnic tables so people can go out there in the summertime and enjoy their ice cream."

In order for the home to be turned into a gift shop Zanesville City Council must rezone the property from residential to commercial. The current home of Tom's Ice Cream Bowl is also listed as residential and will need to be rezoned.

Council moved the ordinance to a first reading.

Goodwill on Maple Avenue is also looking to expand by buying a home at 576 Brookover Avenue and creating a parking area and entrance for its boxed trucks.

"We have close to 300 cars in and out of the parking lot a day," explained Hartman. "If we can move those 18-24 boxed trucks off of there it would make like a lot easier for our donors, for our customers and our associates."

The Brookover property must be rezoned by City Council to become commercial. Both Sullivan and Hartman hope to begin their project as soon as the rezoning is passed by council.

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